Downtown map (flash) is replaced here.

Downtown Raleigh is Smokin' Hot.
Lots of fun activities and lots of public and private investment.  The tally on investment is in the $$ billions over the next couple of years.

This interactive map shows condos, townhouses and loft developments in and around downtown Raleigh.
Except for the Historic Capital Apartments (look in Landmarks), developments that are exclusively rental are not yet shown.

As you probably know, Downtown Raleigh is seamlessly surrounded by residential neighborhoods containing single family homes.
Those neighborhoods are not outlined on this map (though Boylan Heights is easily recognizable at lower left).
To learn more about surrounding neighborhoods, check out the other neighborhood profiles on this website.

We decided to include Landmarks on this map because of the wonderful flavor and interest they provide to downtown Raleigh living.

We will keep this visual ledger updated as residential projects are announced, started and/or completed.

Contact us when you are ready to buy or sell a home in Raleigh.

Paul Setliff

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