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Map of Cameron Park Neighborhood
Map of Cameron Park Neighborhood
Map of Cameron Park Neighborhood
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One of the early 'streetcar suburbs', Cameron Park was carefully planned and developed in 1910 on land that was once part of the Duncan Cameron plantation.
A 1914 Parker-Hunter Realty sales booklet describes Cameron Park as  "...a new city within the ancient one of Raleigh."   "The very beauty of the site,  its distant prospects,  its physical relation to the city of Raleigh,  its multitude of possibilities encompassed every imaginable desire of the homeloving heart."

"While to all intents and purposes, within the physical limits of Raleigh, Cameron Park possesses all of the advantages of a remote Summer retreat,  the land is high and charmingly diversified."

What was true 90 odd years ago is still true today.  Cameron Park remains a wonderfully diverse and desirable neighborhood with a strong sense of community.  Here you will find a nice range of architectural styles and sizes - from Bungalows to Colonial Revivals and a couple of duplexes.  Enjoy a Saturday or Sunday evening movie in the park.  Mingle with neighbors at the annual Christmas party and at one of the regular progressive dinners.  Walk to shopping, restaurants and other amenities.

A great place to live.

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